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The packet accuracy is set by the data rate of the OFDM portion of the packet. The preamble and header will be transmitted with the same fidelity requirement as the fidelity requirement levied on the OFDM portion of the packet. For the single carrier portion of the packet, the EVM is interpreted as normalized mean-squared error (NMSE). Copyright © 2003 IEEE. All rights reserved. 1 PLME SAP Table 123F lists the additional MIB attributes that may be accessed by the PHY sublayer entities and the intralayer of higher layer management entities (LMEs).

4. 4. 5. 1 is used to encode the data symbols’ portion of the DSSS-OFDM PSDU. 26 Copyright © 2003 IEEE. All rights reserved. 5 DSSS-OFDM signal extension The DSSS-OFDM Signal Extension shall be a period of no transmission of 6 µs length. It is inserted to allow more time to finish the convolutional decoding of the OFDM segment waveform and still meet the 10 µs SIFS requirement of the ERP. 4 PLCP transmit procedure The transmit procedure will depend on the data rate and modulation format requested.

All rights reserved. 4 GHz BAND Table 123F—MIB attribute default values/ranges Managed Object Default Value/Range Operational Semantics dot11 PHY Operation Table dot11PHYtype ERP (X'06') Static dot11CurrentRegDomain Implementation dependent Static dot11TempType Implementation dependent Static dot11 PHY Antenna Table dot11CurrentTxAntenna Implementation dependent Dynamic dot11DiversitySupport Implementation dependent Static dot11CurrentRxAntenna Implementation dependent Dynamic dot11 PHY Tx Power Table dot11NumberSupportedPowerLevels Implementation dependent Static dot11TxPowerLevel1 Implementation dependent Static dot11TxPowerLevel2 Implementation dependent Static dot11TxPowerLevel3 Implementation dependent Static dot11TxPowerLevel4 Implementation dependent Static dot11TxPowerLevel5 Implementation dependent Static dot11TxPowerLevel6 Implementation dependent Static dot11TxPowerLevel7 Implementation dependent Static dot11TxPowerLevel8 Implementation dependent Static dot11CurrentTxPowerLevel Implementation dependent Dynamic dot11 Phy DSSS Table dot11CurrentChannel Implementation dependent Dynamic dot11 Reg Domains Supported Table dot11RegDomainsSupportedValue(s) Implementation dependent Static dot11 PHY Antennas List Table dot11SupportedTxAntenna Implementation dependent Static dot11SupportedRxAntenna Implementation dependent Static dot11DiversitySelectionRx Implementation dependent Dynamic dot11 Supported Data Rates Tx Table dot11SupportedDataratesTxValue Copyright © 2003 IEEE.

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