of Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Broken Promises – Digital School – Shorten the holidays? – The nightmare of Jules Ferry – revaluation: broken promises Luc Chatel The ads on the "revaluation" of some teachers (younger) provokes reactions from the teachers’ unions. The general tone is that of disappointment. The SNES was calculated that a revaluation Chatel career represented 30 euros per month .. All unions will therefore offer "genuine negotiations and request an additional effort", as summarized Thierry Cadart of NMS-CFDT. SNES also points out that there has never been on the issue of real negotiations with the Ministry since all meetings were only for project presentation meetings. There have also exacerbated union opposition to the non-replacement policy of staff on two retiring. "We were told that would put butter in the spinach. For those who suffer daily the consequences, without upgrading to the key, the taste is particularly bitter, "laments Christian Chevalier SE-UNSA. And he adds: "There’s a safe bet that the same level of recruitment, many students prefer to turn to private employment, much better paid equal education The issue of reducing recruitment ponds induced. mastering, therefore arises with acuity ". And with input deplorable conditions in the profession, it may even those who would exercise what is yet discourage a beautiful job … Plan the digital school news day is limited, it allows us to reverse two articles in the Journal du Dimanche yesterday. The newspaper back on the use of digital tools in French schools. According to a ranking of the European Commission in 2006, France is in the 24th place worldwide for the use of "tice" (information and communications technology in school). In the primary, 8 on 100 students have computers (against 16 out of 100 in Great Britain), and the secondary ratio is 14 computers per 100 pupils (against 33 to 100 in the UK). Moreover, in France, 6% of classrooms are equipped with TNI (interactive whiteboard), in Great Britain 78% of classes are provided. The recalls that Luc Chatel is expected to announce soon a plan for the digital school and the opportunity to present some examples of uses. We are interested in Sevres College (92). This property of nearly a thousand pupils, all teachers have a notebook on loan, which required an investment of more than 20,000 euros. Several courses are taught on the TNI (interactive whiteboards) Fifteen laptops called "mobile classroom" are freely available at the resource center for students. there is also used the iPod to learn foreign languages. We can both listen more carefully but also login to note the progress and allow monitoring by the teacher. For the main college "Tice facilitate the evolution of teaching practices, says Franck Dubois, technology teacher. The teacher is no longer confined to the role of transmitter of knowledge, it is more active and makes the most dynamic students. ". Some teachers, however, appear more critical of other uses such as notebook digital texts, which allows teachers, students and parents to access, through a user code, the schedules, course content, the notes and the survey of student absences in real time. For a teacher asked: "We have the impression of being under permanent control." To finalize its plan, Luc Chatel should be based on the report of the deputy Jean-Michel Fourgous (UMP), entitled "Successful school digital ", which was presented last month. This plea for the integration of ENT in teaching proposes 70 measures, including the spread of digital pictures, the broadband connection to all schools, the creation of a national agency for accompanying the development of digital technology in education and teacher training in summer schools. Shorten the holidays? in L’Express, it is the turn of Georges Fotinos, former inspector general, author Arrange of school time (with Francois Testu) to comment on the opening of a site on school timetables. for him "should rethink the school calendar. worked st less time in the day to devote to basic skills in the morning and focus on cultural and sporting activities in the afternoon. For this, it would lengthen the school year and shorten the summer holidays in France, primary children work theoretically 144 days (four days for 36 weeks), 140-day reality. ". However, he recalls, the European average is 185 days. The volume of work is one of the largest in Europe. To overcome this paradox, this time it would recover over the duration of the summer holidays, which could be shortened to two weeks. The consequences and implications of such provision are many. economic issues on the organization of holidays. educational issues on the exam dates, class times, the annual rate … Georges Fotinos, also sees the need to move to an annualized working time of teachers. So many sensitive subjects … the nightmare of Jules Ferry Finally, note that the friend Andre Ouzoulias just committed an article on SNUipp site on teacher training which is a very good summary of the situation we can advise all read. For him, what is taking place is a great back. Where any reflexive position is abandoned: "beginners can find answers to questions they will face during their first year of experience. They seek them from their guardian, their colleagues in office, through readings, educational forums in the web or in the rare training organized by the employer who remain. But surely they will have no answer to the questions they will not ask, those we are led to make when you can "lift the nose of the handlebars" and question practices that do seem self-evident but may be ineffective or harmful in the medium to long term. Beginning teachers will not have any institutional place to network with their peers and engage with them and other trainers that their tutor, a reflection on the practices "Why such a renunciation? Apart from the desire to save money, according Ouzoulias, there is not even logical: "Actually, the government waives all at once to the republican ideal of master-teachers long embodied by normal schools and model European ‘reflective practitioners’. But this is not to adopt an alternative model. in truth, he has no head training model ". It also stresses the long-term consequences of such an abandonment, "When school will wake up from this nightmare, a professional culture has been irreversibly sacked. We must measure at this moment, even a reform of this "reform" – for example, the day after a political change – can not reset the counters to zero. below zero we will walk away: the pedagogical culture are not improvised, professional gestures can hardly archive, when skills are dismissed, their memory disappears in the sands "of the way. As it is, like myself, an optimist (it is better to do this job) Andre Ouzoulias think nothing is and finds that the mobilization and begins to hope, despite previous disagreements union, the spring 2010 will be "decisive" … Good Reading … ———————————– ———– of 30/03/10 (some paid items) the grumpy teachers on the issue of wages unions denounce limited increases to some teachers. Read more of the article Charles de Gaulle in Muret denounced the "violence of the rectory" and resists reform Very, very angry and sweet without no words, teachers of the Lycee Charles de Gaulle in Muret, meeting yesterday, Monday, March 29 night, sign and address their Minister Luc Chatel an open letter denouncing the "violence exercised" by the education authority "on behalf of the government" Read more of the article ————– ——————————- Le Figaro 30/03/10 Nothing see … —— ——————————————- the 30 / 03/10 half of the children of immigrants are under 30 years in France, the face of immigration is young. 3.1 million people aged 18 to 50 years old, born in France and having at least one immigrant parent, currently living in France on some 5 million immigrants. Half of the children of immigrants, reveals the survey "Trajectories and Origins" (TeO) INSEE and INED, are aged under 30. They represent 17% of residents aged 18-20 in France. Beyond quarantine, their share is two times lower Read More Article —————————– ————– Humanity of 30/03/10 (delay of one day) Bocquet wants the fight to make school MP calls on mayors to a national day of action to defend education. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 30/03/10 ———————– Nothing see … ————————- the Cross of Nothing seen … 30/03/10 ———— ———————————— echoes (some paid items) of 30/03/10 Salaries teacher: unions denounce broken promises this is the "soup grin" that is on the menu this morning of the meeting between the Minister of Education and the unions on salary increases. For these, all tendencies were particularly disappointed by the announcements made Sunday night by Luc Chatel wage increases of just under one in four teachers beginning their careers. Read more of the article suspension of family allowance: net tightening for The government wants to allow the prefect to suspend family benefits in cases of truancy, competence devolved to councils today, but never exercised. The law will change. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 30/03/10 Chatel wants to attack illiteracy at the root This is an alarming fact: in France, 3.1 million people are illiterate, or 9% of 18- 65 years. To fight against this scourge "that is not inevitable," Minister of Education Luc Chatel presented yesterday his illiteracy prevention plan. It aims to tackle the problem at its root, by acting early childhood. The minister hopes to "strengthen the mother as a real school." Noting that some students leave elementary school "by mastering words and other 150 700", the Minister wishes to strengthen the methodical learning vocabulary and stimulate children’s memory by emphasizing rote learning songs and texts. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 of 30/03/10 Nothing seen … ——————————— ————— West of France … 30/03/10 Nothing seen ——————— ————————— the Journal du Dimanche 30/03/10 Digital Revolution for school concerning use digital tools, poor students of the French school’s reputation is well deserved. According to a ranking of the European Commission in 2006, France is in the 24th place worldwide for the use of "tice" (information and communications technology in school). In the primary, 8 on 100 students have computers (against 16 out of 100 in homework pay
Great Britain), and the secondary ratio is 14 computers per 100 pupils (against 33 to 100 in the UK). Moreover, in France, 6% of classrooms are equipped with TNI (interactive whiteboard), in Great Britain 78% of classes are provided. Read more of the article When the iPod uninhibited students the college of Sevres (Hauts-de-Seine), maximum technology is used. With enthusiasm or suspicion, depending. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 30/03/10 unions to reflect on absenteeism in response to the suspension of the project of family allowances if abstentesime by the prefect, unions and associations of families call to find "the real reasons" for the truancy. Read more of the article —————————————- Express 30/03/10 .fr "Buzz" and "tuning" it gives what in french? It will now say "fuss" instead of "buzz" and "bolidage" instead of tuning. It is the decision of the jury of a competition on the French language of English words thrown on the canvas. Read more from the article "We must shorten the summer holidays" While Luc Chatel has just announced the opening of a site on school timetables, the four-day week is in question. Explanations with Georges Fotinos, former inspector general, author of Develop school time (with Francois Testu). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Pedagogical Cafe 30/03/10 Revaluation: for unions the account is not Sgen, Se-UNSA and SNES give appointment to the Minister Tuesday, March 30 to show their discontent. The SNES was calculated on a career Chatel revaluation represented 30 euros per month. "These ads open no prospect overall upgrading of educational teaching personnel and orientation of the second degree," notes the SNES. "They do not give details on the precise amount of measures and raise fears that such measures are withdrawn, suites with budgetary decisions of the Elysee, compared to those already made public." Read more of the article Training: The nightmare "In fact, the government waives all at once to the republican ideal of master-teachers long embodied by normal schools and the European model of" reflective practitioners "But that. is not to adopt an alternative model. in truth, he has no head training model ". In a beautiful text, documented and accessible Ouzoulias Andre, trainer IUFMs reports on the reform of teacher training and outlook. "With this device unequaled in the EU and in the OECD countries, the current government has quite simply drawn a line training expenses masters. Simply because it disengages the State as it may the investment in education ", concluded he. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 30/03/10 Nothing seen … ——————————- ————— EducPros 30/03/10 Renovation of STI and STL containers: Teachers denounce a savings motivations concern displayed by the Minister of Education to renovate STI and STL series are not enough to convince all teachers of technological subjects They were sixty to express their disagreement before the Ministry on 24 March 2010. Read more of the article labels and accreditations in the top: decryption the evaluation era of higher education institutions have entered the era of the evaluation. Labels and accreditations guarantee their visibility and become more and more essential. EducPros offers a series of three folders: labels and accreditations issued by the state, labels and certifications granted by international agencies, labels and accreditations professional organizations. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches of 30/03/10 payday Withdrawals: first step in a legal action in high school Cherioux the Adolphus Cherioux high school teachers Vitry-sur-Seine who had stopped the course after the assault of a student has completed the first step in a legal action to challenge withdrawals from salary and to assert their right of withdrawal, told AFP Tuesday. Read more of the article Discrimination: 40% of victims are of immigrant origin (study) About 40% of people report experiencing discrimination are immigrants or children of immigrants, mainly from "visible minorities" according to the survey "Trajectories and Origins" INED and INSEE published Tuesday. Read more of the article announced Revaluation of teachers’ salaries – the syndidats want more Just under a quarter of teachers, 20,000 beginners and 170,000 teachers already in service, will benefit from salary increase measures from 1 September 2010, Sunday AFP Education Minister Luc Chatel. Read more of the article A schoolboy injured by knife in front of his establishment in Drancy A high school student was injured Monday morning in the leg and arm by three people armed with knife, before its establishment in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis) , have we learned from police sources. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, March 30, 2010